Combined Girls Room Reveal


We recently combined our girls to one room. Everyone had their own room but we felt it was time to try combining the girls for several reasons. One of the biggest challenges with combining rooms is double the stuff; double the clothes, double the animals, double everything. I knew the only way to make it work was to get bunkbeds! I found a steal deal at Walmart on THESE bunkbeds and we have loved them. When we were looking they were half off! They are sturdy and pretty; both things I love!

I tried to spend the least amount of money possible doing this room. The best way of doing this was using what I already had! I took a few things from both of their rooms and changed up the layout. I had gold accents scattered throughout the room as well as soft pinks and yellow! I love keeping things neutral for this reason. It is really easy to switch things up when the majority of your main items are neutral!

If you have been following along on instagram I shared how I shopped my own home to give this corner an update. I took these old cheap Walmart frames scattered around my home and spray painted them gold ( I love using the Rust-oleum brand). I put the prints in the frames from the book collection by Julia Rothman my daughter got for Christmas. It was such an easy and inexpensive update.

There were also a few practical things we upgraded for the girls, like a sound machine and dimmable wall lights. THESE wall lights have been wonderful. They produce a lot of light and I love that I can turn them off or lower the light after the girls fall asleep! I also love THIS sound machine. We have tried lots of sound machines and this is the best by far! It is loud and does not have any clicking noise throughout the night!


I bought matching throw blankets and the little round pillow for the floor. I got all of those things on clearance or at Dirt Cheap (one of my favorite places to find good deals on Target items). It was an easy room to redecorate and combine.

The girls love playing in their room. It feels light and clean and I love getting on the floor with them and playing doll house or baby dolls with them. The room is inviting and simple… two of my favorite things!

One last item I want to share with you is this sweet doll you see in the pictures. This doll is from Land Of Mae. My friend Stacy hand-makes each doll. There is so much detail and love poured into each doll. The doll you see here was a custom made doll. It has my daughters name on the ballet slipper, her skirt is removable, we chose everything from skin color, to hair style, to dress pattern. If you are wanting a special heirloom piece for your little one go check out Land Of Mae!


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Toddler Room Refresh

Room Refresh-14.jpg

One thing I had to mourn the loss of was not “preparing” a room for my babies before they came home to me. Because God wrote our story through adoption I did not have the privilege of preparing a nursery for my kiddos.  I am one of those moms who really love creating beauty in my kid’s rooms. So if you are in the same boat I thought I’d share some easy and affordable ways to spruce up a simple room. 

Today, I want to share a room refresh I did for our youngest. She is now very much a toddler. We have added a few things to her room I wanted to share. Whether you are preparing a nursery for a baby girl or want to spruce things up in one of your toddlers room you will enjoy all of these items! 

Around the Room

We read lots of books at our house. These bookshelves from IKEA have been wonderful and have been moved several times. I love how books naturally bring color to a room. Her baby picture has been in her room awhile. I spray painted the old frame gold and it looks new! 


I love having Scripture on the walls. I LOVE this Scripture from SHILOH COLLECTION! The colors went perfectly in my daughter’s room. I added some dried eucalyptus to a pretty pink vase and it added a little extra character to this beautiful verse that I framed! 

You can’t go wrong with white and gold.  I bought this dresser from a second hand store. The gold light, mirror and baskets are from Target. I love placing mirrors in small rooms because it helps bounce light. I love neutral furniture and accents because they don’t go out of style very quickly and last a long time. 

Wire baskets are some of my favorite for corralling all the stuffed animals. I try to not have too many toys in bedrooms but we do keep all the stuffed animals in there! These wire baskets are sturdy and perfect for the little zoo we have. 

Room Refresh-4.jpg


I absolutely love this kid table. We moved this from the playroom into my daughters room and I love seeing my little girl sit and read her books at this table.  We often have tea parties here too. Adding some faux greenery that you don’t have to upkeep is my favorite way to add a little life to a room. And of course, I will always encourage spray paint! =) Spray-painting the pot whatever color goes best in the room is a very affordable and easy way to change things up!   

I love the simplicity of her room. I love that it has a clean and bright look without being cluttered! It will be a great transition room as she gets older because nothing is too “baby-ish”. 

Hopefully this inspires you to create a clean and simple space of your own!   

Room Refresh-12.jpg

A special THANKS to Shiloh Collection for their collaboration on this room refresh!



Bookshelves- IKEA

Faux Greenery- IKEA (Similar to the one shown)

Scripture Art- Shiloh Collection

Kid Table- Target

Lamp- Target

Mirror- Target

Dresser- Second Hand


Girls Room Makeover

Well, this blog post is over due. Summer hit me like a ton of bricks and I have been playing catch up every day all day. But school has started and we are jumping back into a good routine and I am excited about the new school year for my children and for me. Lets jump right into this budget friendly makeover for my daughter’s room! 


Her room was pink and none of the furniture matched. When we moved in I knew I wanted to spruce things up without spending a ton of money. 

Our DIY Projects

The largest change was painting her room. I am always surprised how paint can really make a huge difference in a room. The color I chose was Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams. It is a lighter gray and I think it goes well with the other gray in the rest of our house. 

I also painted her post bed. The bed was given to us and it was an old faux wood bed that was an easy project to paint. I used my favorite spray paint RUST-OLEUM paint and primer in one. The color I used was French Cream and it turned out great. It took me three days to spray paint it and let it fully dry, but it was a very easy project. All I did was wipe it down and then spray paint it. 

The other DIY project we did for her room was the little bird/leaf chandelier we created and hung from the celling. The birds were originally from Uganda,  where my husband and I lived previously. They were painted bright colors and I knew I wanted to use them but needed it to be more neutral. So I spray painted them white.  Can you tell I love spray paint? We then gathered dried eucalyptus and bought a hoop that we used as the ring. We hot glued the greenery to the outside of the hoop and then covered it with some material I bought. We hung the birds in the middle and it turned out great! 

Tips When Shopping on a Budget

Some of you may look at her room and think… gosh that must have been expensive. But to be really honest with you it was very budget friendly. We paid $50 for the wall paint, $50 for the spray paint and the other items I bought were found on sale at a very discounted price! Here is what I do when I am looking at a room… the VERY first thing I do is create my plan. I decide what I want the feel to be or the theme I want to weave within the room.  Then I go through our home to discover what I already own! 

Yep! That is the biggest tip/trick I can give you… use what you own. 

For instance we owned the bed, the hanging birds, the light switch cover, the lamp, the bookshelf and the coat rack shelf! By spray-painting the bed, birds, lamp, light switch cover I saved a ton of money! It looks like new and it goes with the feel of her room and all I had to purchase was spray paint! Pretty great, right? 

When shopping for furniture I always try to get second hand furniture! I got this cute midcentury modern dresser from a lady who was cleaning out her house. I snagged it because I knew I wanted to use it somewhere and it was perfect in my daughter’s bedroom! 

Another great way to find bargains is walking the clearance isle. You bet I do! Those cute little bird book holders were in the AT HOME clearance isle and I got them for an extra percentage off because one of them is missing white paint on the other side. I knew I could just turn it around and no one would ever know… so I grabbed them and got them for next to nothing. 

One of my new favorite stores is DIRT CHEAP! I discovered it a few months ago and let me tell ya, it is awesome. If you don’t like digging through products then you will not enjoy DIRT CHEAP, but I am a bargain shopper and so I love it! I purchased my daughter’s bedspread from DIRT CHEAP. Have you seen it before? It is the OPALE HOUSE line from Target and runs at $70 for a twin. But guess what? I got it for $20 at DIRT CHEAP! The store buys overstock or somewhat damaged goods and sells them at a cheaper price. I was so excited to find this for her room! Dirt Cheap is a  great place to shop if you are on a budget! 

Last, but not least, my next tip is, think out of the box! I knew I wanted some form of artwork but I was not willing to pay for anything too fancy. So I went over to Paper Source, bought a piece of wrapping paper that looked like a wall hanging of cacti and framed it! Boom… $5 for a pretty piece of artwork! 

I hope this inspires some of you! We all have budgets to live within, so whether yours is large or small I hope you are encouraged to make your space feel welcoming within your budget.