Wild Animal Brunch

Are you needing a little Birthday Inspiration? I am always looking for cute, cheap ways to make others feel celebrated! I hosted a Wild Animal Brunch Birthday for our two year old. 

We had the party outside in the backyard. It was very windy the morning of the party which made things a little more challenging but it all turned out great. We had 25 people present at the party. I ended up going $9 over our budget but I was very happy I stayed as close to the budget as I did. For those who missed the birthday budget chat visit this cute little Tea Party BirthdayI threw.   

I wanted the décor to be simple and woodsy but not too masculine as this was for my daughter’s birthday. I bought little animal figurines from the dollar tree and spray painted them gold. I laid them out on the food table and they also ended up being weights to hold down the flying napkins! I bought a number 2 balloon to hang in the center of a greenery piece I made from our back yard. The morning of the party I collected my stick and greenery from our yard and tied it the way I wanted it and hung it over the table as a centerpiece.  I absolutely loved the little honey bear cups that held juice and chocolate milk for the guests. I tried to stick with a white and gold theme, which is why I bought all gold plastic wear. 

Over the years I’ve steadily collected serving platters and tablecloths that I use for any events we host at our home. I’ve always looked for neutral pieces so that they can be utilized for any theme. The wooden trunk displays were borrowed from a friend.  

As for food, it was a brunch. We had fun picking wild animal names for the various food items:

Mini Quiche- Critter Quiche

Sausage- Wild Game

Croissants- Duck Feed

Fruit- Birdie Bites 

Nuts and Pretzels- Deer Corn 

Juice- Honey Bear Juice 

Mint Water- Watering Hole 

Our daughter is allergic to eggs so I always make a homemade egg-free cake! If you follow along on Instagram you probably saw me making the cake. But for those of you who didn’t, here is my little secret for making an easy egg-free birthday cake. 


You buy an egg-free box cake (Just check the labels and make sure there are no eggs in the mix.)

Substitute the eggs with applesauce. For every egg called for on the box, substitute a 1/3-cup of unsweetened applesauce. 

Substitute the water with sprite. 

That is it! You then follow the box directions as usual. However, I usually have to bake the cake a little longer than usual. The cake turned out extremely moist and the guests loved it! 

Total I spent $59 for this wild birthday party and we had such a lovely time visiting with friends!

Décor Items I Bought: 

Balloon(this is not the exact one but similar) 

Animal Figures(I bought these individually at Dollar Tree) 

 Spray Paint

 Honey Bear Cups