How to Style Your Session

We are a family of five and I know how challenging it can be to coordinate and style for a photography session. I tell clients that they need to coordinate without matching, which I realize can be very difficult. My hope is that the following guide will help you when you are choosing outfits for your session! 

Step 1 - Color

Decide which colors you want to be present and then fill in where needed. For example, our last family session I really wanted soft pinks to be our “pop” of color. So I had a full pink dress and my oldest daughter also had a fully pink dress but her skirt portion was tulle, which is beautiful on camera. My youngest daughter had a pink and cream tulle dress that matched with the soft pink but was much more subtle. I opted for the boys to both wear blue. My husband wore a light blue button down with brown pants and my son wore a light blue and white-checkered button down with brown shorts. So while all the girls had pink and the boys had blue we were not all matching.  So my dominate color was pink and I filled in with light blue and cream. 

Step 2 - Texture 

Add texture to your outfit. I love photographing tulle skirts and dresses. They are gorgeous on camera. I also love ruffles or dresses/skirts that the wind picks up and we can gain movement. Lace on dresses or the ends of shirts are beautiful. Moccasins with tassels are cute, especially for fall sessions.  Boys with suspenders or a linen Gatsby newsboy hat look great.  

Step 3 - Lay It Out

Lay it out and see what it looks like together. Take a picture of it laid out and see how it looks next to each other. This gives you a different perspective and allows you to step back and envision it all together!  

I function under the rule that if I am paying for family pictures to be taken I want to put a little effort into my outfits. We are averaging family pictures once every two years (yes, that is me, the photographer, saying that) and so I want these pictures to look good!!! Give yourself plenty of time to look and find what you want! 

Below I am showing you a few samples from Amazon of outfits I would love to see clients wear. I have looked at the material and the colors and these are all outfits that would be good options for those of you wanting more direction! 

Amazon Picks For Her

Amazon Picks for Him




I hope you find this helpful as you prepare for your upcoming session!