Toddler Room Refresh

Room Refresh-14.jpg

One thing I had to mourn the loss of was not “preparing” a room for my babies before they came home to me. Because God wrote our story through adoption I did not have the privilege of preparing a nursery for my kiddos.  I am one of those moms who really love creating beauty in my kid’s rooms. So if you are in the same boat I thought I’d share some easy and affordable ways to spruce up a simple room. 

Today, I want to share a room refresh I did for our youngest. She is now very much a toddler. We have added a few things to her room I wanted to share. Whether you are preparing a nursery for a baby girl or want to spruce things up in one of your toddlers room you will enjoy all of these items! 

Around the Room

We read lots of books at our house. These bookshelves from IKEA have been wonderful and have been moved several times. I love how books naturally bring color to a room. Her baby picture has been in her room awhile. I spray painted the old frame gold and it looks new! 


I love having Scripture on the walls. I LOVE this Scripture from SHILOH COLLECTION! The colors went perfectly in my daughter’s room. I added some dried eucalyptus to a pretty pink vase and it added a little extra character to this beautiful verse that I framed! 

You can’t go wrong with white and gold.  I bought this dresser from a second hand store. The gold light, mirror and baskets are from Target. I love placing mirrors in small rooms because it helps bounce light. I love neutral furniture and accents because they don’t go out of style very quickly and last a long time. 

Wire baskets are some of my favorite for corralling all the stuffed animals. I try to not have too many toys in bedrooms but we do keep all the stuffed animals in there! These wire baskets are sturdy and perfect for the little zoo we have. 

Room Refresh-4.jpg


I absolutely love this kid table. We moved this from the playroom into my daughters room and I love seeing my little girl sit and read her books at this table.  We often have tea parties here too. Adding some faux greenery that you don’t have to upkeep is my favorite way to add a little life to a room. And of course, I will always encourage spray paint! =) Spray-painting the pot whatever color goes best in the room is a very affordable and easy way to change things up!   

I love the simplicity of her room. I love that it has a clean and bright look without being cluttered! It will be a great transition room as she gets older because nothing is too “baby-ish”. 

Hopefully this inspires you to create a clean and simple space of your own!   

Room Refresh-12.jpg

A special THANKS to Shiloh Collection for their collaboration on this room refresh!



Bookshelves- IKEA

Faux Greenery- IKEA (Similar to the one shown)

Scripture Art- Shiloh Collection

Kid Table- Target

Lamp- Target

Mirror- Target

Dresser- Second Hand