Travel Activity Bins

We are getting ready to hit the road for a few weeks of vacation. We are driving over 13 hours and this mama has been prepping! One thing I struggle with as a mama are whiny/crying children. Yep. It literally makes me want to hide and scream all at the same time. My tolerance for whining is VERY low, which is why I have put these activity bins together! I know it won't solve the issue (because let's face it, as an adult I whiney too by hour 10) but I am hoping it will give my kids something to do when they get board. My kids don't watch a lot of TV so when we go on road trips I let them watch as much as they want in the car. However, you can only watch so many movies in a row before you start getting bored with that too! 


I wanted to share these stackable activity bins I have created for our drive. They are age appropriate and all "NEW" to my kids! These are things they have not played with yet which creates a little excitement too.

Toddler Travel Bin  


I knew I needed to have a tray for my toddler to work on that could fit over her car seat. I bought a standard black tray (I have linked below) that I am eager to try. My hope is the tray table will make the activity bin more conducive for her to play with the items. 

One of my favorite road trip activities are these Water Wow! They are brilliant and mess free (all you need is water). My big kids like them, but our toddler LOVES them! A travel size Magnetic sketch pad is always a good idea. No markers or crayons to be lost on the floor. A counting book and "noise" book which my little one loves. The little farm set I found at the dollar section at Target. 

Boy Travel Bin


For our little man cub I also put the Water Wow in his bin. The Hidden Picture book I thought was so great to keep him entertained and finding things that can be easily circled in the car! The "Adventure" checklist was a cute little purchase from the Target dollar section and has things they can check off the list as they discover them on our drive. Who remembers those lacing shoe string "activities"? Target had a dinosaur bag with them along with stickers and cards! The top blue pouch has a series of three games- Tic Tac Toe, Spy Guess and Build A box. I think my older two will love playing those games together in the car to kill a little time! 

Girl Travel Bin


Our oldest is at the age where she really needs things that stimulate her academically. She has learned how to read and is constantly working hard at sight words and reading signs, labels etc. I took a workbook we had at home and laminated a few pages (the ones you see at the top left of the picture). I plan to put a few dry erase markers in her bin so she can easily practice writing. I also laminated all her sight words we have been practicing and put them on a ring so she can easily flip through them (as seen at the bottom right side of the picture). All the other items are the same as our Boy Bin with the exception of the magnetic mermaid activity. Instead of the shoe string activity our son has, I placed this Target find in hers. 

I hope you find these helpful and these bins inspire some of you to create your own! I am so excited to test these out! I will report back to let you know how we liked them and things we would change. 


Source List

All Items not pictured below were purchased at the dollar section at Target