Toys that Engage

I am a FIRM believer in buying toys that engage my children’s mind and aid in their development. When I walk into any toy store (which is very rarely), I start hunting for toys that are going to enhance my child’s language, creativity, discovery and problem solving development. Because we are raising kids in a day where everyone has a cell phone, computer, tablet, TV I am not too worried they are missing out. There will be a time and place for my kids to get screen time and learn how to work a computer, but right now their little brains need to be engaged with things that are developing them. 

Don’t get me wrong, we do let our kids watch shows and movies. We have Friday Night Movie Night and let me tell ya… they LOVE Friday Night Movie Night! There are times I let them watch a 15 minute Mother Goose Club Houseor Masha and the Bear while I get ready for the day or finish up something work wise. But they do not get “screen” time on a daily basis and this is in large because of attitude and behavioral changes in my kids when they are staring at a screen.  To be honest, I just don’t want to deal with the excessive disrespect and attitudes they tend to have after screen time.  

So what do we do all those hours of the day? Well, I work really hard to keep them busy. I have a whole summer schedule for the days we don’t have something planned and it has worked well for us this summer. I will share the summer schedule in another post, but for now I want to share a few toys my kiddos are loving this summer. They are worth investing in if you don’t already have them! 



Wooden Block Set

You can find these everywhere and they are not expensive. This toy has lasted in our home for about 4 years and it is probably the most played with activity! 


Grippies Builders

I found these on Amazon and they are awesome. They are magnetic and would be great for all ages. My only complaint is there are not tons in the bucket, but I think you can buy an extra pack to go along with them! My kids love building and even using them as pretend microphones and ice cream cones! 


Magnetic Tiles

My little man received these for Christmas and we ALL love them. These are magnetic so you can also place them on the fridge to make different designs! Our two year old loves them as well as our six year old so… win, win, win! 



Kinesthetic Sand

I do have to supervise with this activity (mostly because our two year old still puts everything in her mouth) but this is a great activity! I bought this one because it came with an inflatable “pool” to put the sand in! The kids love digging around in it and creating.  



Lite Brite

You probably had one of these when you were younger. Maybe? I didn’t, but I didn’t grow up in North America. My husband did and he said he loved this as a kid. My older two especially think this lite box is so cool. I enjoy creating designs with them on it! 


Sight Word Puzzle Set

Basically, I love everything Melissa & Doug. I bought this sight word puzzle this past year to have a fun activity as we were practicing sight words for school and it continues to be a great activity my older kiddos do on their own! 

Leave a comment with some of your favorite toys you have for your kids! I always want to see what others are using! I hope you find these helpful!