My name is AJ and I am a lifestyle photographer in ALabama. I am the wife to an amazing man and mommy to three little ones. a strong cup of coffee in the morning while the babes are still sleeping is my favorite. I use to be a runner but currently find myself doing a lot of yoga in this season of motherhood. My house is gluten-free and egg-free due to some very serious allergies (yes we are that family). I love farmers markets and good heart to heart chats with girlfriends who are authentic about the messy bits of their life. My husband and I have lived in five different homes in our four short years of marriage. It is safe to say we have fallen in love with each place we have lived and the people God brought in our lives.  

My love for photography comes from a passion for stories to be told. Everyone's story is beautiful and unique to them. Photographs are a simple way to capture a moment in time distinctive to that individual's story. Every story is worth telling and I cannot wait to capture your's through the lens of my camera!